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"There's something festering within the quaint town of Pomeina. But, great news—you've been appointed the new town hall Minute taker!"

Occult Agenda is an interactive fiction game about a profession rarely represented in videogame history: minute taking

  • Note down small town disputes
  • Query odd behaviour but perhaps don't pry into dark secrets
  • Record strange utterances as unintelligible
  • Expunge sacrilegious acts from the records

You can follow the meeting agenda but can you thwart the Occult Agenda?

@wraith_ly - art, special effects, user experience

@tamtzekin - original concept, narrative design, writing, sound design

@jemztones - original concept, programming, additional narrative design

Occult Agenda was created for ink jam, a game jam dedicated to creating games using ink. Ink is an interactive narrative tool created by Inkle Studios and used for their games 80 Days, Sorcery and Heaven's Vault.


OccultAgenda.zip 29 MB

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