A downloadable game for Windows

Into Dust draws on the events of the 2009 Sydney Dust Storm to present an interactive narrative experience about dealing with losing someone for reasons that you struggle to understand.

This version of Into Dust was created for Cosmo D's City Jam.

Showcased at A MAZE, Berlin (2019) and Unite Sydney (2019).

Justin Tam
Original Concept, Level Design, Narrative Design, Writing, Sound Design & Music.

Jae Stuart
Original Concept, Programming and additional Narrative Design.

Sydney Liao
2D Character Art

Ying-Di Yin
Voice Acting

George Mak

Game Design Consulting and additional Level Design.

Amelia Zhou
Catering & Mac OS X QA

Special Thanks
George Mak, Ruqiyah, Amelia Zhou, Cuauh Moreno, Heeny Ellen Yeo, Nick Cellini, Paul Kopetko, Jay Tan, Nathan, Alex Burke, Amanda Peng

Cosmo D for running the jam.

Inkle for Ink.

Install instructions

Extract ZIP file and run executable.

Controls : WASD + mouse


IntoDust_Freeplay_Windows.zip 132 MB


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Gorgeous in sound and sight, thoughtful writing, beautiful work, I love it!!

I got stuck on the pool stage! Was really interesting up til then but the dust made it impossible to figure out what to do next